Impacted and Missing Teeth

Impacted teeth

Impactions can be caused by improper positioning of the developing tooth bud or improper management of the development and eruption pattern of the permanent dentition. This can cause the tooth to fail to erupt into the mouth. Impactions can also be caused by early loss of primary teeth without concomitant space maintenance or crowding of teeth. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth. Canines and second molars (12 year molars) can also become impacted.

This problem should be corrected because it may:

  • cause damage to the root structure of adjacent teeth
  • interfere with the sinus cavity
  • leave unwanted spaces
  • lead to improper functioning of the teeth
  • cause premature wear of the teeth
  • cause asymmetric alignment of the teeth
  • potentially cause more complicated dental issues in the future.

Impacted Tooth Before Photo

Impacted Tooth After Photo

How can impacted teeth be orthodontically corrected?

Usually the impacted tooth must be exposed and brought into the correct position in the mouth. Correction of impacted teeth may involve a minor surgical procedure performed by an oral surgeon working closely with our practice. This will allow us to then guide eruption of the impacted tooth into its proper position.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth is the absence of a tooth or teeth that should normally be present. This may be caused by trauma, a lack of development of the tooth bud, or a genetic component.

This problem should be corrected because it may:

  • cause improper functioning of teeth
  • cause premature wear of teeth
  • cause asymmetric alignment of the teeth
  • make your smile less attractive
  • increase the instability of the occlusion (bite)

Missing Teeth before photo

Missing Teeth after photo

How can missing teeth be
orthodontically corrected?

Depending upon the situation, the space can be closed with braces or opened for tooth replacement. A bridge or dental implant(s) are a couple of the restorative options if spaces are created.