Combined Surgical Treatment/
Jaw Surgery


Misalignment of the jaws which may present with an improper, asymmetric bite due to an overgrowth or undergrowth of one or both jaws, could be congenital/genetic in nature or derive from traumas or accidents. Patients suffering from these skeletal and dental anomalies may require reconstructive skeletal(also called orthognathic) surgery. This type of surgery will improve the individual’s facial appearance, as well as relieve pain and improve function associated with mastication (chewing), breathing, speech, sleep and the overall oral health. Orthognathic surgery is also considered a therapeutic option to address sleep disturbances due to a compromised airway such as snoring related to sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition.

Reconstructive skeletal surgery/Orthognathic surgery has become a much more pleasant and a much less lifestyle restricting event than what it used to be. The surgical procedure can be ambulatory (you get to go home the same day) and with the experienced surgeons with which we work, can take less time to perform than expected. The recovery time is much less than anticipated which allows one to return fully to their normal activities faster.

The thought of surgery may be distressing and frightening however, a consultation with the oral maxillofacial surgeon with whom we work closely, will allay those fears as one will discover the process, healing time, and care provided will be closely monitored and efficient to expedite your return to your daily activities.

Dr. Retoma makes every effort to be present at the surgery for every patient. She understands surgery can be “scary” and wants her patients to feel at ease knowing that she is there working closely with their surgeon to provide the most optimal outcome.

Should Orthognathic surgery/Reconstructive skeletal surgery be an option for you or your child, we will work closely with the surgeon’s office, assisting in the coordination of your appointments.  We also work closely with the surgical office’s financial coordinator and the surgeon’s assistants so you will not feel lost in the process. We will walk you through every step of the process to ensure your orthodontic and surgical experience is pleasant and comfortable.

Louisa –
how jaw surgery changed her life