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Dr. Regina Retoma


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Practice Administrator and Financial Coordinator

Who is Ashley?

Ashley grew up in Hockinson and has lived in Vancouver for most of her life.

Why we love her!

Ashley is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet! Professional, smart, multi-talented, and unwavering in her patience, she can deftly accomplish any task presented to her. Her kind spirit touches even the most challenging of temperaments while helping to remind us all to keep everything in perspective. You can trust she will take extraordinary care of you.

What Ashley loves:

She loves working with people and enjoys striving to make a positive difference in people’s lives. A past orthodontic patient, Ashley understands how rewarding the orthodontic experience can be.

“Going through the orthodontic process was a great and positive experience and it has left me with a beautiful smile!”

During her free time, Ashley loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys boating, day trips to the river, discovering new places to eat, snowboarding, skiing, UFC, and baseball (Go Giants!). Someday she hopes to travel the world.


Orthodontic Assistant

Who is Lovita?

Lovita is originally from Portland, OR but has spent most of her life in Vancouver, WA.

Why we love her!

Lovita is one of the most gentle and sweetest people you will ever meet.  She is caring and conscientious and aims to make everyone’s experience pleasant.  Her smile and sympathetic nature makes everyone feel cared for and comfortable.  Just as important, as she is a vegetarian, she is very accepting of our carnivorous ways and our collection of Field and Stream magazines- especially the fall issues!

As a past pediatric dentistry dental assistant,  Lovita has developed the essential qualities of patience and compassion when working with children and teens.  Her tender nature is what endears her patients to her.

What Lovita loves:

Newly married, Lovita loves spending time with her husband relaxing on the weekends.


Orthodontic Assistant/Hygienist

Who is Amanda?

Amanda grew up in Ridgefield, WA and has lived there for most of her life. She was a previous patient, an outstanding orthodontic assistant and, now is an amazing dental hygienist.  She is a hygienist in a dental practice and is kind enough to assist us whenever she is available.

Why we love her!

As we say in dentistry, “she knows the front and the back!”  Her knowledge base, clinical experience, and understanding of the business of dentistry make her an asset to any office.  Another kind spirit among us, her enthusiasm and energy is contagious.  We love her sense of adventure and curiosity about people and life.

What Amanda loves:

Everything just about…She enjoys camping, hiking, sports, country music and, trying new cuisines.  She may just be the person to convert us to listening to country music.


Orthodontic Assistant

Who is brittney?

Brittney’s roots were established in Camas, WA and currently resides in Washougal with her family.

Why we love her!

You know that one person who will smile through everything- 3 hours of sleep, long days at work, when plans fall apart… Brittney is that individual whose positivity and optimism get us through some of the roughest days.

Along with her prior experience in Pediatric Dentistry, Brittney brings with her the kind and gentle nature letting patients know how much she cares for them. Her dedication to learning and her perseverance to improve her clinical skills are why she fits with this team of empowered women. Her energy, comforting smile and, time she invests in making every visit pleasant and informative, are just a few of the reasons patients love Brittney.

What britteny loves:

Brittney loves spending quality time with her children. You can find her and her family taking trips to the zoo, aquarium, OMSI, and movies. In addition, she loves going on family trips and walks and volunteering at her children’s school.


Orthodontic Assistant

Who is Kayleigh?

Kayleigh is a native of Vancouver, WA and currently resides in Portland, OR.

Why we love her!

She CrossFits…need I say more? 🙂

Aside from her devotion to fitness and health, we love the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every encounter she has with our patients. Always up for a challenge, she brings the ambitious, positive spirit with which we all resonate.

What Kayleigh loves:

Kayleigh is an avid CrossFitter and enjoys coaching CrossFit classes in her spare time. She also adores her Saint Bernard, Lulu (Yes, as in Lulu Lemon) and traveling to tropical places to scuba dive.


Sterilization Tech



Scheduling Coordinator